Sam Treadway


Yunnan Kids International is honored to have Sam Treadway, owner of Backbar and named Boston Magazine's Best Boston Bartender for 2 years in a row as a special guest.

Sam will be crafting special alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks just for our Gala guests from 7-8pm.

Sam Treadway has been bartending for the past decade all across the US. Starting out at a tavern in his college town in Minnesota, Sam has tended in Seattle, Honolulu and at some of the best bars in Boston, including Eastern Standard and the now famous Drink.

Today, Sam owns and operates Backbar in Union Square. In addition to local awards, he has been a finalist in national cocktail competitions including Disaronno, Campari, 42 Below and Bacardi Legacy.

(Image provided by Sam Treadway)

(Image provided by Sam Treadway)