Yunnan Kids International (YKI) was founded in 2006 through sincere discussions and desires expressed among three adoptive parents of children from Yunnan:  Hanni Lee, Jennifer Berry and Mike Mahathy.  

Through the leadership and inspiration of these three passionately committed parents, the organization has become a 501(c)3 a registered non-profit organization with an international membership. The work of the board could not be accomplished without the dedication of all other YKI volunteers, many of whom have adopted children from the Yunnan province.  

We are grateful to our community of support, such as the "YunnanAdopt" yahoo parent group and others who support the passion of assisting children remaining in the Yunnan province. 

2013-2014 Board of Directors:

Fang Lee, President
Massachusetts, USA

Sarah Neville, Secretary
Massachusetts, USA

Christy Lillie, Treasurer
Michigan, USA

Iris Chin Ponte, Education Chair
Massachusetts, USA

Members at Large:

Jennifer Berry
Indiana, USA

Iris Culp
Oklahoma, USA

Hanni Lee
Massachusetts, USA

Mike Mahathy
Tennessee, USA

Michele Schaffer
Ohio, USA