Project Overview

In July 2013, our organization was approached by the Kunming Social Welfare Institute to provide a playground for one of their foster villages. This project will cost an estimated $75,000.00 USD. This is groundbreaking news because the foster villages and foster families have been closed off to adoptive families up until this point.  


Our organization hopes that by fostering our relationship with the leadership in the Kunming Social Welfare Institute we can begin to open a conversation about the importance of our children's beginnings and the people that cared for them. Our dream is that all adopted children from Kunming will have access to their foster families.  

This play garden will symbolize the connection between our adopted children and the children that wait. A place to run, explore, play, and laugh.

We hope you consider supporting our efforts. All donations, big and small will make an impact. As a special remembrance, for a donation of $500.00 USD or more, your families name will appear on a plaque that will be installed at the site. 

Your donation will be exclusively used for the project building materials, construction, and the transportation of our architect and our general contractor to the site.

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Build Phases:

Phase 1: Planning and Design (November 2013-June 2014)

Our Play Garden Team is working carefully to design a culturally appropriate space for the Kunming Foster Village. We are giving special consideration to designs appropriate for children with special needs as well as a wider age range of children. It is also important to us to create a space that children and adults can both enjoy. We are looking closely at the natural playground design at Tufts University to serve as a model for our project.  

We will deliver the design of the Play Garden to the Kunming Social Welfare Institute for review and feedback. Once both the US team and the China team are in agreement we will move forward to plan the build.

Phase 2: Ground Breaking and Funding Delivered (December 2014)

In December 2014, a few members of our team will be traveling to Kunming to meet with the leadership of the Kunming Social Welfare Institute and hopefully begin construction! We will also hand deliver the official plaque of family names to be installed at the site.

Phase 3: Improvements and Adjustments (2015)

After the playground construction is complete our team will stay in close communication with the Kunming Social Welfare Institute to determine if any adjustments or improvements are needed.

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