Dear Families and Friends of Yunnan Kids International:

We are delighted to bring you some great news. Our Annual Gala, which took place on November 14th, was a huge success. Not only did we raise a lot of money for a great cause, we also enjoyed a lovely night of lively music, delicious food, and good company. We send our warmest thanks to the friends and family from all around the New England area who came out to support our organization. I was moved to hear the entire team explain to the guests why this project is so important to them.

The second big piece of news I want to deliver is that FCC-New England has bestowed a $25,000 grant on YKI for the play garden project. We are deeply grateful for their contribution and support. This project would not be possible without their kindness. It is so important not only for adoptive families, but for adoptees ourselves to see that we have a village of people rallying behind us as we go forth in this world and give back to those who once cared for us.

And while we’ve made great strides, the Play Garden Project still needs your help. We’ve raised enough money to begin our build, but we’re still raising money for the ongoing Play Garden maintenance fund. Without funds for replacement and repair, too many projects like ours become unused decorative fixtures, off-limits to children to avoid damage. Your support can help us follow through on our vision to build a loved and used addition to this village.

While any amount helps, I would like to remind individuals and families that those donating at least $500 may choose to have their names added to a permanent plaque to be installed at the Play Garden site (the deadline is December 8, 2014). This is a very special opportunity to build a lasting connection between two communities. Please visit our “donate now” page for more information.

The play garden team, including Dr. Iris Ponte and myself, will be traveling to Yunnan province on December 12th to start the build. We are incredibly excited for this opportunity and we look forward to reporting our success to everyone back at home on our website.

We wish you a very happy holiday season!

With gratitude,  Fang Lee